Sorry about the lack of updates recently, but today I’m pleased to share a more in-depth preview of Danmaku Unlimited 2. Lets start off with a trailer:

Danmaku Unlimited 2’s story takes place after the events of the original, where humanity made huge technological advances from the powers left by the valkyriass. As part of the elite delta squadron tasked with recovering a recently discovered valkyrian power core, the routine recovery mission quickly unravels out of control as they come across forces beyond their imaginations.

Danmaku Unlimited 2 features classic bullet-hell action across 5 action-packed stages, with an extended persistence system that allows for greater customization to suit different play style. With the new in-house Eingana engine, the game offers breathtaking bullet-packed HD graphics at a smooth 60fps. The game will also feature soundtracks from BLANKFIELD, a talented Japanese indie circle that also provided amazing music for Storm Strikers.

the upgrade system allows for a high degree of customization as the player gains more levels, all of which are reflected in the ship’s appearance.

I’m currently still hard at work finishing the boss battles and the scoring system, but the game should be available before the end of the year for the iOS as an universal app. I’ll be sharing more information in the coming months so stay tuned by following liking our Facebook page or follow me on Twitter!