Here’s a video of some bits of stage 4, it’s better than the last video but the quality still leaves much to be desired. I’ll probably invest in an Elgato HD so I can record some high quality videos for a proper trailer later on. There are some new sound effects for the explosions by the always talented Warinside from Blankfield who will also be handling the soundtracks for this game as well. The music in the video is a placeholder track taken from StormStrikers.

-First pass design for 4 stages have been completed and I’m currently working on the fifth, the plan is to have 5 stages (maybe a bonus final stage?).

-Most of the mechanics (shooting, scoring) are still up in the air but bullet grazing and trance mode will most likely still be in the game in some form.

-There will be more ship customization in DU2, and different spec-ed ship will end up looking different, there should be many visual combinations depending on how you allocate points to your ship.

– Depending on how the optimization phase goes there will probably be a SD version in addition to the HD universal release.

That’s it for now, in the meantime enjoy some screenshots from stage 4!